Advivify is a leading digital advertising company that provides a multi-screen holistic solution to all your marketing needs. We successfully serve 150 million monthly unique visitors from more than 1000 thousand managed publishers. Our team of great minds brings their expertise to the table to maximize the success of our partners’ campaigns. With over a decade of employee experience, we pride ourselves on our team of driven account managers, our dedicated support staff and the variety of services we provide that allow us to find the right fit between our partners.

We believe that the great service we provide, along with the trust and long-term partnerships we sustain are the keys to our success. When you choose to work with us, we build our partnership around your success. Whether it’s spreading the budget where it works or leveraging our 10 years of experience and individual reputation in the industry- we are your single source for digital marketing.

  • Advivify works hard to provide a healthy revenue stream for our publisher partners as well as quality sites for our advertisers to promote their content on.
  • Our ad serving technology allows our publishers to optimize every single impression they send to us. Using many algorithms we determine the best ad to serve to our publisher sites to both help our publishers earn more revenue from all impressions we sell as well as provide the best possible position for our advertisers to get their brand, service or product seen.
  • With over 1,000+ active publisher sites and over 1,000+ ad campaigns running through our network we look forward to welcoming you on-board soon.
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